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Starfish Alerts

Colorado State University-Pueblo uses the student management program Starfish for advising and to track student performance. Instructors are required to perform checks for their student during weeks three and four of the semester. Instructors will check their students’ performance and create alerts for students whose performance suggests a risk of failing. These alerts are intended to provide students with information about their poor performance while they still have time to correct their performance.

Why did I receive an alert?

Instructors file an alert to warn that a student is at risk of failing. Different performance factors may cause an alert

  • Attendance: First Year Writing Policy requires an alert for any student that’s missed two or more classes
  • Homework: Zeroes or poor performance on homework
  • In-Class Work: If you’re not working in class work or participating in class
  • Any combination of the above

If you receive a notice, you should contact your instructor immediately. If you’ve already missed a few class periods, you may not have room with the attendance policy if faced with a real emergency. If you’re not doing homework that may lower your grade or prevent you from passing at the end of the semester. During week four, you still have ample time and course work left to adjust your performance. If you have those problems late in the semester, there will be neither the time, nor the course work available to improve your grade.

Along with the Early Alert, instructors will be required to file reports for athletes at several times during the semester and file reports for all students at midterm, which is around week seven of the semester. Instructors may also warn students whose grades will be failing before the last day to withdraw. Starfish also allows instructors to send reports at any time.

These notifications ensure that students who aren’t performing well, and are in danger of failing, know and understand their position in the course. Take advantage of these notifications. If a scholarship or your place on an athletic team depends upon your grade point average, then it’s crucial for to spend the entire semester working to maintain and exceed those requirements. A Starfish alert signals that your strategy isn’t working. If you receive one, start changing your habits; talk to your instructor and make a plan for better performance for the semester.



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